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Pure Adventure 120 min · 67 €

Go by SEGWAY like the normal folks does not tease you - cause you are an extrem one? Surfer, Snoboarder, Free Climbing, Segway Professional? We challenge you, lets have a look if you can keep it up with oure tourguides ...

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Privat Tour 2h min · 370 €

Exclusive and private - a special adventure - no other guests - a guide just for you - individual routs - free apointment  - exclusive service.  In this tour we cannot serve more than 5 guests. Starts with 120 min or more ...

Segway Majorca Geo Caching mit dem Segway in Mallorca

GeoCaching Tour 120 min · 67 €

Segway Geo Caching, a powertrail tour with various caches. We can show you the site - the search is yours - nothing for all the muggles out there.

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Rent a Segway 30 min · 37 €

You are the owner of a SEGWAY Drive Card? Than you can rent a SEGWAY in our office. You don´t have a driver card? So come to us and in two -to three hours you can get your licence.


Segway Majorca WICHTIG - Sicherheitshinweise für´s Segwayfahren

Each our tours begin with a orientation session, no age limit. All offers take place at your own risk. Parents are legally liable for their children. Please bring with you: sun protection, sunglasses and good mood! Minimum weight 25kg.

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